By clicking on a register in the top bar of the page will show you other registration page and then show you a message asking you to the browser that Nayyara with tracking your site please agree and accept this message then fill the entire data and complete the registry after you complete the registration page will show you an activation code, meanwhile, is supposed to receive a code on mobile user by you during registration. Enter this code and is composed of 4 digits in-box and complete the registration. If you do not receive the code on mobile in a maximum of two minutes, please click on resend the code.

Please accurate in choosing district as shown on the map as the browser to reduce the search service with the city and neighborhood and the street but you must accept message-locating phenomenon you already to the website determine your location more accurately.

After you accept the message select your site and entering data, city and district and street name of your search browser will reduce the search service as the data entered by you. If the building number and 4-digit information you enter it directly in the box (building No.) If you "drag the PIN shown on the map in red to your site and you will notice the emergence of 4 numbers in a box (building No.).

Note: If you live in building, made up of several apartments please enter your apartment number. If you live in a House just enter the number (1) in the box (apartment number).

From the website menu click on the menu or order now button to display the list of items

select from items and you can increase or delete items from the cart on the side 

before you complete your order before delivery please ensure you complete the request data before it is delivered to us if you are unsure of your order then delivered to Nayyara will contact you to confirm your order after you have submitted it, your assertion for request is the request in progress and cannot be canceled because it had been initiated in the completion shop of connection request from the shop to your home. So please be sure before you submit the request by clicking on the shopping cart and modify if you want to.

Through your account, you can edit your details by clicking on the icon my account in the top bar of the home page.

We at Nayyara to offer you superior service with you when you place your order to receive your order through the stages we have adopted them to appear as required by our well-trained drivers and uniform logo Nayyara  in addition our car is equipped with the means to ensure that your order reaches you in high quality in the car bearing the identity of Nayyara  through our logo on all our car.

Through the my account icon you can add another address you would prefer that we deliver you with a note that address within within range of our coverage of the delivery service. Moreover, please note at your request again please select one of the addresses that you want to deliver it with different addresses can be selected for a single address, but each order will arrive to one specific address.